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by Jon Vernooy
Tue, Feb 27 2018, 10:52AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Understanding FileSystem
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Understanding FileSystem

I completed a new install and no longer see the materials folder or mdf file. It appears everything is still there, has the folder now turned into a database ? What file/folder would I need to pull from a working machine without doing a full backup/restore as we only want the on-hand inventory. Than...
by Jon Vernooy
Fri, Mar 03 2017, 5:26PM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Reinitializing on 6.1.4
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Reinitializing on 6.1.4

Oddly I've had eCabinet Systems tell me twice now it needs to reinitialize when opening, then I add the key again. I think it is when clicking the filename to open eCabs but right now it is working fine after adding the key again. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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