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by Tim McLaughlin
Thu, Jul 31 2008, 6:44AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??
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Re: Frustrated with eCabinet Systems??

I can understand the frustrations if you have not had any training and are trying to learn on your own. The past two cabinet companies I worked for used Cabnetware. I used that software for 11 years. Both of those companies had a seperate person or persons that would take the drawings aftert the pro...
by Tim McLaughlin
Wed, Jul 30 2008, 7:09AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Adding vendor items to library
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Re: Adding vendor items to library

I would also like to add some doors/drawer fronts that Conestoga offers. I would like to add the TW-10 Miter and the TW-10827 Miter. We use these flat panel miter styles alot in our kitchens.
by Tim McLaughlin
Tue, Jul 08 2008, 9:42AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Cutlist in Excel
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Cutlist in Excel

I am new user with eCabinets. I have exported the cutlist for a job and want to print the Face Frame parts (Board Stock Listing). I have sorted the cutlist based on the height and the width. I would like to combine the quantities of the parts that have the same height and width, and the combine the ...

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