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by peter w palmer
Wed, Jun 06 2012, 4:57AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: esa files
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esa files

I had another post here, but it has vanished. I was trying to find out the difference between esa & esj files. I have an esa file I downloaded from Ecabs that Ecabinets software will not open and the Thermwood machine shows gibberish in the G-code area. here is a rough example as I can remember ...
by peter w palmer
Thu, May 31 2012, 6:58AM
Forum: Design Sharing
Topic: office downloads and downloads in general
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office downloads and downloads in general

On your office furinture downloads, the ecab program cannot read the file. The Ecab program searches for .esj and the file I have is a .esa (yes, I may have gotten the file types backwards, but the result is the same). On several of the free downloads, the files will not load once they are downloade...

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