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by Brian Anderson
Wed, Apr 24 2013, 4:48PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: Grouping Parts
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Re: Grouping Parts

I am having the same problem Tim is having, but to elaborate, I HAVE checked the way i have grouped the parts meaning i have entered them in 1, 2, 3. The ecabinet software tells me it is grouped properly, the nesting diagram proves so. I take it out to the CNC and it nests out there 1, 3, 2. I might...
by Brian Anderson
Wed, Apr 10 2013, 3:27PM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Grouping Cabinet parts
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Grouping Cabinet parts

I am working with grain matching an actual cabinet box. No drawer or door fronts attached. What i am doing is Making a box that is finished throughout ( top, deck, left end, and right end). I am familiar with grouping drawer and door fronts but not "carcass" parts. I don't know if this is ...
by Brian Anderson
Thu, Jan 24 2013, 12:21PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: CNC Control panel Troubleshooting
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CNC Control panel Troubleshooting

We went to turn on our CNC this morning and there is nothing on our Control panel screen, i have determined it is not the screen and also discovered that a fan is not spinning on the mother board. At this point i am just trying to find out what the problem is and take the next step. Any ideas? I sho...

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