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by Mark Taylor
Tue, Oct 24 2006, 9:39AM
Forum: Customer Images
Topic: here's before...
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here's before...

Let's hope there an after....
by Mark Taylor
Sat, Oct 21 2006, 10:42AM
Forum: Customer Images
Topic: Dining Table
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Your table is very nice...I downloaded the file to play with a little in my program.

How did you get the table legs? I understand all the other parts, are the legs a \"display object\"? I guess they could be a vendor object as well - eh?

by Mark Taylor
Sat, Oct 21 2006, 10:07AM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: Hey Machine Owners/Users
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As much as I dislike the mdf...we've been setting up to cut mdf doors for our local paint-grade market. Without question is will dull the tools quicker than any other material. I've also found that a two flute upcut seems to be a better choice for the outline rather then a compression bit. We've bee...
by Mark Taylor
Mon, Oct 02 2006, 9:11PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: skiping holes
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Hey everybody...

At least it's consistent....

no drill bank

RN 5.01

drills all but the last hole in the pattern and part, after drilling all patterns in each part then returns to each pattern/part and drills the last hole in each pattern

by Mark Taylor
Tue, Aug 15 2006, 9:42AM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: MDF Doors
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FYI...creating mdf doors

I've been trying to create an mdf door and get it to open in the model profiler with no success...this morning I spoke to Jason and while stepping through the process we created the TWD file from the CNC button on the bottom left side of the cabinet editor - the file went through and opened no probl...

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