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by Matt Quarles
Wed, Feb 21 2007, 11:09AM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: Hard drive bad
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Hard drive bad

I have a machine that the hard drive went bad in but I can still read it to get data off of it. Where are the files that contain the tool table information so I can grab them from the old one and put in the new one. Anybody ever done this?
thanks in advance
by Matt Quarles
Fri, Dec 08 2006, 4:00PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: Finish Quality
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First thing I would try is replacing the axis belts. Then use an indicator and check for backlash in axis 4 and 5 if this error is large you are looking at an axis rebuild possibly(worm gear, bronze gear etc,,..). Next thing is checking for lash in the x,y,z. I just went through this with a machine ...
by Matt Quarles
Fri, Oct 06 2006, 4:35PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: Model 90
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Model 90

Anybody seen one of these in action or have one. Interested in some opionins on it.

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