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by Larry Epplin
Tue, Oct 18 2005, 3:40PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: DXF files again
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Hi Paul. Give this file a try. I moved your lines a bit for radius purposes and used pocket in the layer name. This should get you going as well as help you understand how the pocket functionality can be used.
by Larry Epplin
Wed, Sep 28 2005, 10:44AM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: Rolling Nest Feature request - Sheet Selection
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Just enter the number of the sheet you wish to run and hit enter.
by Larry Epplin
Fri, Jul 15 2005, 4:34PM
Forum: Thermwood 3-Axis Machinery
Topic: 4.60 update
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Info on your issues

We unfortunately do not have a solution for your pocketing problem. If the through cut was the only cut in that area of the part, then you would not get a pocketing operation. The pocketing operation you are seeing is the outlined edge of the cut which is not a through operation. We are diligently w...

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