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by Mike Snodgrass
Tue, Jan 16 2007, 10:43PM
Forum: eCabinet Systems Software
Topic: beaded face frames
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beaded face frames

What width rails and stiles are most popular ? Is there a 'most logical' bead radius and kerf size ?
by Mike Snodgrass
Sun, May 14 2006, 9:36AM
Forum: Customer Images
Topic: Corner Drawers
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what all is required

I need to build two sets of these- what all is required ?

Do you build a cabinet that is square on back and only the face frame 45'ed.
Also, what do i need to know about the design of the cabinet ( tolerances, etc.)
by Mike Snodgrass
Sun, May 14 2006, 9:21AM
Forum: Customer Tools
Topic: Need help with Blumotion guides !
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Need help with Blumotion guides !

I need to do a job where that requires blumotion soft close guides. I have a couple of questions - do you have to use a thicker drawer side than 1/2\" plywood and how much room do you need to allow for the heighth amd width of the opening versus the size of drawer box ? Is there anything else I...

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