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downloaded designs not showing up

Posted: Fri, Apr 09 2010, 1:14PM
by David Arde
I downloaded some of the cabinet files but cannot get them installed into my program. I do not have the design computer hooked up to the internet so I downloaded the files on another and transfered them to my new computer with a flash drive. I have windows 7 pro. on the new computer and the files were unziped and executed but do not show up in the cabinet list. All that shows is the standard cabinet list. Probably something simple but I can not figure it out.

Re: downloaded designs not showing up

Posted: Sun, Mar 18 2012, 7:22PM
by Mario Tovar
you need to place the files in the correct directory so ecabs can select them : in my computer is c/documents and settings/all users/thermwood/ecabinet systems/cabinets -----if the file is a cabinet if the file is an assembly you must put in to assemblies---this way they can be selected from inside ecabinets---- hope it helps