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Postby Brenda Hallman » Tue, Jun 12 2012, 1:36PM

Just wanted to send a great big THANK-YOU to whomever did the last update of e-cabinets.

I noticed right off the bat that while batching cabinet lists that the list stays at the bottom when a new cabinet is added. I did not realize how much of a pain it was to constantly scroll to the bottom until I did not have to do it anymore. :)

Then just now, I realized that someone has figured out how to put the stretchers in the edgebanding section. YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!! db **two thumbs up** OH MY this is so going to change my do not even know how happy a little thing can make a person. :D

Looking forward to finding more changes in the future. Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks for all of your hard work to keep us producing :)

Brenda Hallman

Dennis Englert

Re: THANKS!!!!

Postby Dennis Englert » Wed, Jun 13 2012, 7:06AM


I don't think that you need to run across all of the updated features in a happenstance manner. The Help document contains a "What's New in Build 8". Banding on stretchers was the second item listed in Help, though the behavior of the Batch that you mentioned is not listed.

Dennis Englert
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