Frameless cab design for cost and assembly efficiency

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Gene Davis
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Frameless cab design for cost and assembly efficiency

Postby Gene Davis » Tue, Feb 27 2018, 11:14AM

We are looking at redesigning the cabinets to lower costs and make for ease of assembly. We build frameless only, and carcases are either white melamine or hardrock maple melamine. We do not want to thin down from 3/4" thickness for ends, decks, tops, or between-drawer stretchers.

We always assemble on jobsites, so blind dado joinery is preferred to ensure alignment of corners and edges. Zipd-R screws or 1/2" crown x 2" staples fix all joints. Little to no glue.

Here is what we think we want to migrate to:

1. Use 3/4" backs for all cabinets, base and wall, instead of the 1/4" with 5/8" nailers we do now.

2. For tops on base cabinets, use 3.5" front and rear stretchers, not solid one-piece tops. Wall cabs get solid tops.

3. Inset all backs 1/4" to deal with wall imperfections.

4. Most importantly, design so that zero parts need to be flipped at the CNC.

Can we do better? We don't know yet. What are you doing?

Thomas strembitsky
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Re: Frameless cab design for cost and assembly efficiency

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Tue, Feb 27 2018, 6:51PM

that's good so far, I would personally use lock dado's but that's more of a personal preference
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