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Posted: Tue, Aug 22 2006, 5:46PM
by DanEpps
Let me try to boil Rolf's posts down a little if I may.

I think what he is getting at, and correctly so, is that a catalog full of cakes won't sell cakes unless the cakes are decorated beautifully and placed on an equally beautifully decorated table.

What is needed is \"eye candy\" to show dream kitchens or bathrooms like the owner WANTS (but may never have) along with door, drawer and option selections such as lazy susans, moldings, etc.

From that book, Mrs. Jones can say \"I love that kitchen and I want those cabinets with these doors and drawers. I want these moldings and rollouts this lazy susan, this trash can and this finish.\"

You then have something to start a dialog with Mrs. Jones. You can make an appointment to go to her home to take measurements, photos for use in your presentations, etc.

Is this on target with where you were going Rolf?

Posted: Tue, Aug 22 2006, 10:59PM
by Rolf Bergstrom
Yes, no, maybe, sort of I guess. What I was trying to figure out is the tie in with design sharing. But wait, don't answer that yet. I was taking a myopic view of this and it is apparent from not only the responses I received but the whole discussion that this is more than one subject.
Rather than try to wade through 42 messages and pick out the pieces pertaining to my question I would prefer to see this thread end and more specific threads started. I think the fact that there is really only one thread in this forum says something about the subject. Kind of like building one cabinet with 13 drawers and 27 doors instead of 19 cabinets (don't do the math, it probably doesn't add up, kind of like me).

Posted: Tue, Aug 22 2006, 11:22PM
by Joe Stone

I agree, the problem with participation here is the show I hope. I think picking up next week with better and more specific threads is the only way to get more members contributing and make some sense (me included). I think I know what you were getting at now after taking a slow read again this evening. I will be leaving to go down tomorrow, I wonder if Dans absence is because he is there already. The next few days will be hard for those who will be trying to actually work. God help them without the usual support being avail. I hope others will be looking in to take up the slack for absentee GURU's and WIZZARD's. Bed time, hope to interest you again next week.

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 6:58AM
by DanEpps
No, I was in bed already...needed my beauty sleep you know :lol: .

I do think taking the remainder of the week to gather our thoughts and direction is a good idea. Don't however let this opportunity pass by without acting on it.

I call it an opportunity because that is what I think it is. Ken and Thermwood have opened the door and given us a view of their take on how to survive and prosper in a changing economy. It is up to us to sieze the opportunity presented to us and become bigger players in what can be the largest supportive network of its kind.

As alluded to in previous posts in this thread, Ken has presented other opportunities that held just as much promise as this does and members failed to act on them. Was that because they were bad ideas? No, it was because they weren't within the normal realm of the way we are used to conducting our businesses.

Continue to think about how think will benefit YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Put your thoughts down in writing and get them organized. Go back to and earlier post I made and fill out the SWOT analysis form. It is one of the best soul-searching tools available for analyzing what makes you better (or worse) than your competitors. If you don't fare so well in the SWOT, you quickly learn what you need to improve to better compete.

I also have other analysis tools that I can make available that focus on presenting a competitive analysis to your customer. It allows you to show your customer how you differ from the \"box-makers\" in a side-by-side comparison.

Tools like these, standarized across the membership will make us a much stronger force. The same thing with the Designer Idea Books or Catalogs.

The idea books/catalogs don't even have to show anyone's work in particular, just attractive kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, etc. Great photography is the key here--professional photography, certainly not my photography.

I intend to visit \"Big Orange\" sometime today and take a look at their cabinet books. I must confess, I have never seen one of them so I don't even know what they look like but I have a good idea. With the photos though, I can make the books, that is not a problem.

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 7:18AM
by Joe Stone

I will do the same, I think they carry slightly different lines in different markets. I will bring them to you in Atlanta. I also tried to get you a message at your site and I got an error message so email me please, if you don't mind so I can just respond and have it go through to you hopefully. I wanted to discuss some other things as well as this subject.

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 7:27AM
by DanEpps
Yeah, I'm having some problems with email from the web servers for the last week or so. I installed a Microsoft security hotfix and it fixed everythign allright. The funny thing is that I can still send email from the same email server outside the web server. I just haven't had time to dig deep enough to find the problem.

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 7:31AM
by Mitch Cain
I agree - I tend to ramble on when I am passionate about a subject :wink: - best to let some thoughts cook a little bit - the good news is this one is taking hold and I have some really good people interested in seeing it go further... 8)

I did the big orange thing earlier this week because that is what the customer had in her hand. It was Thomasville and Kraftmaid. The kitchens went beyond just nice looking cabinets with lots of stone, tile, granite, fixtures, you name it... :roll:

I don't know if you guys checked out my web site or not, but the majority of pics on there are either stock photography or stuff I got from Thermwood - again, its about generating ideas and images in the customer's mind as you all said above....

...oops, there I go again - You guys have a great time in Hotlanta and hoist a couple for me - I'll be back here toiling away - sure wish I was going... :roll:


Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 7:34AM
by DanEpps
Mitch Cain wrote:You guys have a great time in Hotlanta and hoist a couple for me - I'll be back here toiling away - sure wish I was going... :roll:

Take Friday off, hop on a plane and come on down :D .

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 7:46AM
by Mitch Cain
I would, but the Daughter heads off to college this weekend and its moving time...

Family first...


Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 1:30PM
by Mike Bowers
Mitch Cain wrote:I would, but the Daughter heads off to college this weekend and its moving time...

Family first...

Congrats Mitch! It must be bitter sweet moment for you & your wife. We all dread as well as look foward to the day they leave.

:beer: Toast.. To new horizons

Posted: Wed, Aug 23 2006, 2:37PM
by Mitch Cain
Thanks Mike! :D

Posted: Thu, Aug 24 2006, 8:43PM
by David Norton
JMHO! :) But ya'll are makin this way to complicated :roll:,but that's JMHO!
Oh yea, there are many who make up Ecabs! :shock:


Posted: Thu, Aug 24 2006, 9:00PM
by Mike Bowers
David Norton wrote:JMHO! :) But ya'll are makin this way to complicated :roll:,but that's
Oh yea, there are many who make up Ecabs! :shock:

Please excuse me, but does that mean "Just My Honest Opinion" Dave?

Posted: Sun, Aug 27 2006, 8:32AM
by David Norton
Yea, it does Mike!

Posted: Wed, Sep 06 2006, 8:36PM
by Michael Yeargain
Hey guys,

HOOPS can be embedded into the browser for viewers to view in 3D the files. Would this be a way to handle getting a better look at the cabinet designs?