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Bill Rutherford
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Postby Bill Rutherford » Mon, Aug 28 2006, 6:06AM

In response to Dan's question in an earlier post, returns are a bit tricky to handle. I would not want anybody to keep and pay for my cabinets if they were not exactly what they wanted. That said, how do you go about making sure someone has returned them? Actually the whole thing is out of the designer's hands anyway, as it is Thermwood that is making the sale and Thermwood that has to do the return. I know from discussions at the show that this is something they are looking into.

On another note. I would be happy to e-mail anyone JPEGS of all the cabinets in my library. If you would like to see a copy send me an e-mail and I will reply with the JPEGS. It will be a pretty large file.
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Postby DanEpps » Mon, Aug 28 2006, 7:15AM

Yeah Bill, it is like the age-old problem with software licensing. You purchase a license to USE the software but you don't OWN it. If you read the fine print in the license with the software it usually says something to the effect of \"we aren't saying this software is suitable for anything or that it will actually do anything\".

I know that is not the case with the design libraries but they are licenses to use none the less and, like software, it would be difficult to ascertain that \"all copies have been destroyed from all computers\".

I was being a devil's advocate because I'm sure this is something that will surface at some time in the future and folks supplying designs and Thermwood need to consider how to handle it.

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Mike Bowers
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Postby Mike Bowers » Mon, Aug 28 2006, 8:25PM

In the big picture...\"If someone doesn't want to take the time to learn the software. Shame on them. This is not that hard of a software to learn. Even I did it, sure, many are better at it, but I have a limited amount of time like the rest of you tospend at the pc. I look at others ideas & design all the time. But if you know how to build a cabinet & have a slight clue of pc's, it's not that hard. My 2 cents.....
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Joe Stone
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Postby Joe Stone » Tue, Aug 29 2006, 9:06AM


I don't diagree with you that it is not that hard, but like anything there is some learning involved. If someone can focus on just the custom layout to start with, and produce from it, I think they will be more apt to spend the actual time to learn the whole systm.
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Michael Yeargain
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Postby Michael Yeargain » Wed, Sep 06 2006, 8:28PM

I would hope the integrity (although I did say hope) of the e_cabinet members would be such that; if I offered Mitch (who I really don't know) a design of Dan's that I purchased he would turn my name into Thermwood and they would disable my software. That would be an easy thing to do.

Or if the software was able to embed the \"file share\" code for that account # as a paid file and disable it if a stolen file is run on a computer that is not assigned to that account #. If there is an error and someone did purchase the file they could plug in the receipt # into a .exe patch file and without delay fix the problem.

Just a brain fart.
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