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faulty design disk

Posted: Sat, Sep 16 2006, 7:26PM
by mark l cherry
hi all, i just purchased the italian renaissance credenza on cd
and I cant view the darn thing, am i not doing somthing right i tried every thing i can think of with no results, i was wondering if anyone else is having difficulty.
:shock: thanks

Posted: Sun, Sep 17 2006, 9:21AM
by Kerry Fullington
Have you gone to My computer and then clicked on your Drive that the CD is in to see what is on the disk. I downloaded the Credenza and there is a .exe file that you click on to install the credenza on your computer and then you can view it in eCabinets.

Posted: Mon, Sep 18 2006, 9:19AM
by Jody Wilmes
The CD contains an EXE file, which you need to run.
If you run this EXE on an eCabinets pc, it will install the eCabinets files.
If you run this EXE on a Thermwood machine, it will install all the rental programs, etc.

Try the following;
Select the .exe file located on the cd.
Select OK

It should now start the installation process. After installation, you can open your eCabinets software and open it under 'cabinets'.

If you cannot select/see the EXE file in the above steps, then the cd may be bad or scratched. I can send you out a new need to send it back to us.
Just let us know! Thanks!

Posted: Mon, Sep 18 2006, 4:19PM
by mark l cherry
Thanks Kerry and Jody
your advice was very helpfull, but the disk is not working, my dvd drive is working fine , it plays all I put into it, so I assume the disk must be faulty I tried both proceedures with negative results,
so Jody if you guys can send me a new disk that would make this old cabinet makers day.
thanks Mark :D

Posted: Wed, Sep 20 2006, 7:42AM
by Jody Wilmes
I was out yesterday, so your cd will be sent out today. Thanks for your patience.

Posted: Thu, Sep 28 2006, 9:27PM
by mark l cherry
Hi Jody, I received the disk ,and it loaded up like it should,
thanks for your help.
mark :D

Posted: Fri, Sep 29 2006, 7:31AM
by Jody Wilmes
Great! Be sure to post some pictures once its finished! As always, if you have any questions about the project, let me know.