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Posted: Fri, Nov 03 2006, 1:18PM
by Kerry Fullington
Thanks Paul,
I sent you a PM.

As I said I think I can sell this piece if I can keep it below $4000 and after talking to a couple of the area Thermwood owners it looks like that is going to be possible. I want to build one just to play with the finish schedule.

Posted: Fri, Nov 10 2006, 10:45AM
by Steve Dyches
can someone tell me the cost of a TV lift?

steve dyches

TV Lift

Posted: Fri, Nov 10 2006, 3:10PM
by Duane Marrett
Hi Steve,

The Wood Technology Whisper-Ride TV Lift sells on the eCabinets Member Store for $484.00 (it will hold tv's up to 200lbs). Click the link below for more info and to order:

Posted: Sun, Nov 12 2006, 5:16PM
by Mitch Cain
How reliable is that Wood Technologies TV Lift? Most lifts I've seen are almost $1000 more than that. What research I've done on Woodweb indicates that those that have used it have not been satisfied. I wouldn't want to sell a 4000-6000 piece and have issues with the lift afterward. Anyone using it that cares to share their experiences?

Posted: Mon, Nov 20 2006, 12:14PM
by Jody Wilmes
We're using it here @ Thermwood and haven't had any problems with it. We mounted a 50\" Plasma TV onto it and seems to be handling just fine.

Italian Credenza

Posted: Tue, May 15 2007, 2:21AM
I am going to quote this piece for one of my wife's design clients next week and I'm hoping I don't end up burying myself! Dan noted he had heard an out-sourced price of $3500.00 unassembled and unfinished, I'm wondering if that price included the TV lift hardware and if anyone has had experience with the $500 whisper lift?
Chuck Johnston,
Johnston Design Group

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Sun, Jul 13 2008, 4:30PM
by Joe Harkin
Dont know if any of you have followed up on the original discussion thread, but here is some additional "market info". I have been asked to build a pop-up TV cabinet (with flanking wall cabs & bookcases) so I went looking for cabinet designs and TV lift gear.
1- I found TV lifts ranging from aprox $500 to $3000 for units that seem to perform the same basic function.
2- The Whisper Ride lift available thru eCab is about the least expensive, but I'm always wary of that. What does it NOT have or do that the others do ? For example:" will it power-off the TV when it lowers into the cabinet ? I would see that feature as a real benefit.
3- Someone at Thermwood said (almost 2 years ago) they used the Whisper Ride lift there and it was fine. Any further comments on serviceability or functionality ?
4- Kerry, Dan,, did any of you ever build/sell the credenza ? and if you dont mind saying, what did it cost to build, and what did it sell for?
5- Finally, in my online search for cab designs and lift suppliers I came across several selling both. This one looks remarkably similar to the Italian Renaissance. It includes a lift. The price range quoted "depending on dimensions, finish, etc, etc, etc" is $7900 to $11500. Maybe some of you know who it is. I wont ref the website here as I don't want to advertise for them - I'd rather build and sell them myself - but if anyone wants to know email me and I'll tell you. Don't know if the "seller" is a Thermwood client of if they use one either.
Kerry - to refer back to your original question - I hope you did get to build this thing, and if you did and sold it, I hope you sold it at a REASONABLE profit. But I have to vote with the fellow who first said $8000. From what I've seen for sale anything much less would be a candidate for a big-time charity tax deduction on your 1040.
I love woodworking, and custom furniture design and construction in particular, but it's taken me a long time to stop "selling myself cheap".
The attachment is one I found online
Greenwich Buffet.jpg
Greenwich Buffet.jpg (47.23 KiB) Viewed 6623 times

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Sun, Jul 13 2008, 4:53PM
by Joe Harkin
More on TV lifts;
WW lists three TV lift units: thw Whisper Ride at $594, the LIftBox at $975, and the Haefle at $2400.
Anybody have/do a cost/benefit comparison ?

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 1:08AM
by Mark Taylor

I can only speak to the whisper lift... when we designed and built the walnut credenza for a show we decided to try the whisper lift (basically due to cost). It performs beautifully and is still functioning in the showroom today. It is a simple design with a bosch motor - there is little to go wrong with it. It is basic though, as it does not have a function to turn off the tv when lowered. It comes with a cabled switch which can be mounted on the cabinet itself and a remote switch. In order for the top to close, the lift must be placed so that the lid/top will still lean against the back of the lift when open...then when the lift closes it has an adjustable arm which allows the top to close softly.

All and all it is a pretty decent product for the money - I haven't seen or used the others to be able to give a comparison against one another, but we have been happy with the whisper lift.


Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 10:12AM
by Joe Harkin
Thanks, Mark. My design requires a hinged top - the client doesn't want to see a panel above the TV when it's raised. So the Whisper Lift qualifies there, and the price is certainly right (and they do show a pretty good warranty). I'll look around for a way to power-off the TV when it's lowered - the user might forget and it's generally not a good idea to leave electronics on inside a cabinet unless it's pretty well vented.
If I come up with something I'll pass it on.

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Mon, Jul 14 2008, 10:16AM
by Joe Harkin
BTW, Mark. Did you ever create an eCab file of the Walnut Credenza ? If so, is it available ?

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Tue, Jul 15 2008, 10:10PM
by Mark Taylor
Hey Joe...

I do have an ecabinets file of the walnut credenza, when we built it - I was not happy with the moldings shown on the ecabinets drawing once we cut them. So we actually modified the one we built from the drawings and I haven't ever gone back in and modified the drawings to reflect the actual cabinet. I've intended to so that we could put it in the design sharing program...simply haven't found the time to actually do it.

If you would like the original eCabinets file, mind you there are no shop drawings, dimensions and shows different moldings then we used...send me your email address and I will send it to you.

If you and/or anyone else is interested in having the finished/revised drawings and ecabinet file - send me your email address and I will see about having my new draftman revise and finish the product - we will then notify you when it has been added to the design sharing program.


Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Wed, Jul 23 2008, 9:43PM
by Mike Seisser
Regarding the TV lift, the only thing I can see customers objecting to is that you must press & hold the button for the entire length that you wish the lift to travel. Otherwise, it's a solid lift, quiet, easy to install, and a friend of mine in the A/V business thinks it's a steal!

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Thu, Jul 24 2008, 11:47AM
by Joe Harkin
Mike, thanks for the update on using the Whisper lift. Some folks might not be happy with that "restriction" - how would you like to hold your garage door opener button 'till the door was all the way up/down? On the other hand, the next one up the price scale is several $hundred more......Maybe I'll keep that in the "customer option" category.
Hey, maybe I could build one with a manual crank handle in front...a "Model A" version for wannabee's :wink: :joker:
Anyway, thanks again. No surprises, eh?

Re: Italian Renaissance Credenza

Posted: Thu, Jul 24 2008, 9:37PM
by Mark Taylor
Mike are you referring to the direct wired switch?

I guess I've only used the remote - and you don't have to hold the button on it.

We never mounted the direct wired switch...seems like with our society if you don't have a remote, they wouldn't use it anyway.