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New Rental Carvings, etc.

Posted: Wed, Dec 06 2006, 4:41PM
by Jody Wilmes
Just an update on our latest additions to the Rental Library!
We have added a series of marine themed carvings to our library along with several other general carvings. These carvings include both inset and onlay types.
In addition to these, we have added a series of Rope Posts to the library. The Rope Posts are defaulted to 48\" in length and 4\" in diameter and are scalable. You may also choose to download either left or right twists. These posts do require the use of the Rotary Playback device. If interested in obtaining one, contact us for a quote...but don't forget about the Production Sharing! Those of you who do not have one may be able to find someone who can machine them for you.
As always, if you have any suggestions/recommendations on anything, let me know! For now, we are working on adding more posts AND hunting themed carvings such as deer, ducks, etc. Enjoy!
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Marine Inlay:
Marine Onlay:
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Rope Posts:


Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007, 8:00AM
by Joe Soto
Jody, I may be overlooking them but I can't find these carvings or the two new mirror frames in the online store. What else do you have in the works? I would like to see some corbels/counter top supports and some more moldings that could be used as clip corners or island legs.

Need roping

Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007, 9:11AM
by DanFecteau
I need those kind of rope for a job, maybe 100' of them , about 2\" diameter , not half rope, full 2\", anybody could machine some for me and sell it to me , I don't know if it would be mahogany, cherry or maybe just white wood and I'll match it. Thank you.

By the way, if quality I like, maybe we would buy that rotary thing.......


Posted: Tue, Mar 06 2007, 9:53PM
by Chad Price
If I rent one of the rope molding can I resize it? Let's say I need a half rope 3\" wide will these work?

Posted: Wed, Mar 07 2007, 8:52AM
by Jody Wilmes
Most of our rope molding is .75\" wide. Scaling the program from .75\" to 3\" wide would result in too big of a stepover for the tool. We've tried this in the past and the result was not desireable. We have made some 4\" diameter rope columns on the rotary playback though, which could be scaled down to 3\" dia. These can be found under the Rotary Carvings HERE on page 2.
The problems with creating rope molding on a 3-axis machine that large include tool length to properly model the sides of the rope....much less get good detail on the side of the molding.