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New Design Sharing Library Available

Postby Duane Marrett » Tue, Mar 06 2007, 4:31PM


We have recently added a New Design Sharing Library to the eCab Member Store. This library was developed by eCabinets Member Kerry Fullington, and features 47 cabinets that can be easily used to design and build custom residential closet systems as well as other storage areas such as garages and pantries. These cabinets can all be quickly re-sized as they are placed in a room or batch to fit almost any design configuration.

Kerry Fullington Closet Systems (selling for $100.00):

Kerry designed these cabinets using butt construction which can be built using pocket screw joinery as well as dowel or Confirmat screw. It is also very easy to re-configure these cabinets to blind dado construction if you are using a Thermwood router to cut your parts.


These cabinets are great if you are looking to outsource parts and edge banding to a production sharing facility. Simply modify these cabinets to meet the requirements of your production sharing partner.


Kerry used the Thermwood Standard Dovetail Drawer Boxes in all of these cabinets which will allow nesting of drawer parts if you wish. Of course Doors, Drawers and Drawer boxes can be changed globally after placing these cabinets in a room to suit your design needs.


These cabinets are designed to be built by shops using both conventional equipment (Table Saw, Sliding or Vertical Panel saws) or Shops with CNC capabilities. Many of these parts require edge banding. With minor alterations, joinery of these cabinets can be pocket screw, Confirmat screw or blind dado.

If you haven't yet taken advantage of the Design Sharing Libraries available on the eCabinets Member Store, you will want to
check them out.

Design Sharing Libraries are created by power users of the software so that other eCabinet Systems Members can then purchase them, capitalizing on their knowledge and experience and eliminating the need for new users to create their own libraries.

This provides new users a jump start and allows them to begin using the software almost immediately.

With Design Sharing, new users can begin to immediately use many of the sophisticated features of the software and have access to the knowledge and skills of experienced users, softening the learning curve and generating benefits quicker and easier. We also hope Members will share unique designs and specialty projects, broadening everyone’s product offering and creating new opportunities.

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