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Problem loading cabs after design share cd install

Posted: Mon, May 21 2007, 6:05PM
by Cheri Michael
I had a problem loading cabinets after installing a design share cd. Tech support had me uninstall and reinstall (the cabs from the cd). I've done that and now have the following happening:

In Detail Room, I've selected the wall and right click and select Chose Item. I click on the cabinet (doesn't seem to matter which one) and get the following messages:

Unable to open ECabinets file data.
Click ok and get: There was a problem loading the cabinet.
Click ok and get: There was a problem reading HSF for cabinet load in ROOM.

Since tech support is closed for the night, I thought I'd see if anyone here had suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Thu, Jun 14 2007, 9:37AM
by Walker T Scott

Did you ever get this resolved? What version of eCabinets are your running?