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help with making a emblem...

Posted: Fri, Nov 30 2007, 10:00PM
by MarcoKnjaschewitsch
Hey i wanna make a Edmonton Oilers Emblem how do i go about making this or does someone have one they are willing to share....Dxf or whatever will work....Would like it for 5/8\"...3/4\" and 22mm Material...any help would be awesome!!

Posted: Tue, Dec 04 2007, 9:08AM
by Michael S Murray
Hey Marco,
If you never found what you can use, you can have someone with artcam make it up for you. I presume you are talking about a carving of some sort. I have art-cam, but sub most of my art-cam work to a guy who does quit a bit of it. I can hook you up with him if your interested..

Posted: Tue, Dec 04 2007, 9:54PM
by MarcoKnjaschewitsch
hey sent ya a email, thanks