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Bathroom Appliances

Posted: Mon, Dec 03 2007, 9:40PM
by Dan Senkiewicz
New to the software and currently in training down in Orlando but as I'm working through a client bathroom project as a trial I'm confused as to where the bathroom items are located. Things like tub, toilet, sinks, etc...

Do these exist or do they need to be created?

Posted: Mon, Dec 03 2007, 9:47PM
by Joe Soto
Dan, In detail room, click item to install button, display objects, then sample_hsf . Joe

Posted: Tue, Dec 04 2007, 7:07PM
by Dan Senkiewicz
Thanks Joe - I found the toilet. The tubs aren't exactly what I was hoping for with the conjoined tub surround. At least its a start.

Posted: Tue, Dec 04 2007, 7:52PM
by Kerry Fullington

Enter Tub in the forum search and search just the Customer 3D forum and there are five or six tubs that will come up.