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How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Sat, Nov 29 2008, 3:52PM
Hey all. Im new to eCabinetsystems and just got into it as the store was going down. I am interested in the Design sharing. How do I look at what is offered and buy? I click on Design share in the eCab software and it just brings me to the web page that says "Thank you for visiting Woodworker's Wholesale. Due to recent company restructuring, we are closing the online store effective immediately"
Is this part all gone?
Is there any way to design share any more?

please help. Im new so I have nothing but the seed cabinets. what do you recomend?


Re: How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Sat, Nov 29 2008, 5:24PM
by Damon Nabors
Depending on the type of cabinets you are looking for and the construction method, I would just design my own. Are you going to be using production sharing as well or are you going to cut them out in house? Practice with your standard cabinets and save your new designs into its own directory.

Re: How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Sat, Nov 29 2008, 7:40PM
by Kerry Fullington

Email or call Thermwood for information on Design Sharing. They are going to have links on the Thermwood sites but I don't think they have them in place yet.

HERE is a link to some information about my libraries. there are links to download some sample cabinets to wee construction also.

Email me at if you need some more info.


Re: How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Mon, Dec 01 2008, 10:04AM
by Justin Melhiser
I have a few files that has all the descriptions of Kitchen jobs that are for sale. If you are interested please contact me and I will email them to you. I will try and find out when this will be available for viewing on our web.

How much do Designs cost?

Posted: Mon, Dec 01 2008, 8:17PM
What does a Design cost? Do You pay per cabinet? and do you get charged each time you use it? how does that work?

Re: How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Tue, Dec 02 2008, 8:25AM
by Justin Melhiser
There is a set cost per library. This is a one time charge. Once you purchase the library you will install it to your computer. You will be able to load and change things with the cabinets. These then can be cut on the machine. You will be able to cut the job as many times as needed.

Design share is back up!!!!

Posted: Sun, Dec 07 2008, 9:15PM
design share is back up!!!! The store is back on line!! Limited though. no hardware.

Re: How do I buy Designs?

Posted: Tue, Dec 09 2008, 9:10PM
by Ryan Hochgesang
Here is a direct Link to get to the design Share Library: