Windows 10 Pro Display Issues

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biagio g gugliotta
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Windows 10 Pro Display Issues

Postby biagio g gugliotta » Tue, Feb 04 2020, 9:44AM

I recently upgraded my laptop from an 10 year old dell (windows 7) to a new think pad (windows 10 pro). I download the updated version of ecabinets. When I open ecab the display is quite off with drop down windows overlaid over each other, as well as, the font and images viewing very undersized. I have sifted through the posts here and have tried all the recommendations but have not been able to rectify this issue. Please if any one has had this problem may you apprise me of the proper settings required for proper display of ecab interface.


ecabinets image.PNG
snippet of ecab on window 10 pro.

tim lucas
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Re: Windows 10 Pro Display Issues

Postby tim lucas » Mon, Feb 10 2020, 8:14PM

Do think pads have the correct graphics card to run eCabinets??
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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: Windows 10 Pro Display Issues

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Tue, Feb 11 2020, 9:08AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4k resolution. I had the same issues when I switched to a 4k display. I'm betting that you have your or display scaling cranked up, just to make the tiny tiny letters legible. Doing that makes the fonts in eCabs large enough to read, but the rest of the interface doesn't scale along with them, so you end up with the text and labels splattered all over each other like that.
Although I'm using Win 8, I think Win 10 has a similar display scaling setting. I've attached a screenshot of it. 125% is as much as I could set it to before not only eCabs, but most programs, would exhibit issues with huge fonts on tiny controls.
So, turn that scaling level down and put on some glasses to read the screen. That's what I have to do. Getting old sucks. :beer:


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Donald Thomson
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Re: Windows 10 Pro Display Issues

Postby Donald Thomson » Mon, Feb 17 2020, 12:13PM

I've noted another display issue with eCabs on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. When I minimize eCabs to the toolbar,from full screen display, then bring it back up again, eCabs is much smaller then the window. I have to first click the Restore Down button, then click the maximize button to get it back to full screen. It's the only app that does it on my machine. And yes, I have updated the video drivers from the manufacturers' website. I've also noted that sometimes the Room Layout toolbar sometimes becomes unpinned after restoring and has to be closed, opened and repinned. Again, it's the only app that has this problem. Not sure if Windows is not sending the correct restore notifications to the app, or the app doesn't know quite how to deal with the restore.

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