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Re: An Active Forum is a Strong Forum

Postby Mark McCallum » Tue, Feb 23 2021, 6:45AM

Hi Guys
Can you get the same result?

I have attached 2 cabinets because they are too big to upload as an assembly

1) load both units into the cabinet editor
2) select either cabinet and global modify any sheet material and replace with new material of the same thickness. Select either cabinet . Use c for construction settings or d for door. don't do anything. return to main. The cabinet rebuilds All should be fine.
3 ) select both units, Global modify any sheet material with the same thickness, return to cabinet editor.
select either cabinet . Use c for construction settings or d for door. don't do anything. return to main. The cabinet rebuilds, the doors will probably have lost the .tol file and be plain. both units are affected.

DF 1000.hsf
(1.62 MiB) Downloaded 2 times

DF 1000 LH.hsf
(1.71 MiB) Downloaded 2 times

This error message appeared after I accidentally loaded 1 corrupted file in with 3 good ones and attempted to global modify the lot.
Error message.JPG


I keep on bringing this up, but why is there some random material from an earlier cabinet build still attached to the cabinet file?
If I check my materials in cut list I get a true result and no other materials.
When I nest sheets in ecabs its not nested.
But in global modification these phantom materials are getting read from a data set attached to the file.
In this case its the 16.2mm colourboard that is not there.
To my way of thinking all old materials should be purged from the cabinet data and the material list should only be the materials actually used in the cabinet.
Perhaps the data like the part editor cuts and hole patterns, in certain situations are getting assigned to the phantom material, therefor breaking the cabinet.
I have just tested this with 2 times with 2 other units with part editor cuts to the doors with the same results

Any feed back appreciated

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