edgebanding and part editor

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edgebanding and part editor

Postby BenRatt » Sun, Dec 06 2009, 5:50PM

I've noticed in part editor that when I take an edgebanded slab door/drawer into the part editor, the edgebanding is subtracted from the part, showing only the panel without the edgebanding (the dimensions displayed at the top of the screen reflect this too.). But, when I take a cabinet part like a side that has edgebanding on it into the part editor it shows the part with the banding.

So, if I take a 18" wide drawer front with 3mm edgebanding on it into the part editor, a 17.75" drawer front is displayed.
If I take an 18" wide cabinet side w/ 3mm EB into the part editor it shows an 18" cabinet side.

Is this a glitch? I'd much prefer to have the door/drawer fronts displayed with the edgebanding.
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Re: edgebanding and part editor

Postby BEN HOLM » Mon, Dec 07 2009, 10:31AM

Yea I ran into that two weeks ago too when I wanted to put a profile around the edge of the drawer. I pulled it into the part editor, didnt notice at that time, then did my profile. Everything looked perfect in part editor but then as soon as I went back to the cabinet the edge banding was still there in full width. I even tried doing an edge banding of 0" thickness but still did not work. I wish I could do this cuz then all I have to do is modify each drawer/door that I put in the cabinet. Otherwise I have to calculate the size of each door/drawer make a display panel, that is unchangeable, or a new cabinet back, import it into the cabinet, position it with the right reveals and then do my profiles.
And I tried to go and turn the edgebanding off of the drawer/door but it does not let you do that. If you gave us that option we could make custom doors and drawers a lot easier.
Im not complaning. I love what eCabs lets me do as is. :D Just sayin what I think could help.
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Re: edgebanding and part editor

Postby Jon Kenworthy » Mon, Dec 07 2009, 11:01AM

When I have run into this in the past I ended up using an MDF door. I made a special material with a grain in it (I called it MDF for "job")and did what I needed in the part editor. It worked for display purposes but I don't think it helps when it comes to production other than giving you the right size of the door you need.

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