Part editor cuts on dbx - cant resize

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leigh mills
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Part editor cuts on dbx - cant resize

Postby leigh mills » Tue, Jan 19 2010, 9:39AM


I have added part editor onto our Drawer boxes, now when I come to resize the unit we are getting an error. This has only started happening since I added the part editor cuts, the units resized without these cuts.

I have attached the unit, so if anyone can help out or has faced this issue can they let me know.


0140 - 5 Drawer Chest - Over.hsf
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0140 - 5 Drawer Chest - Over.jpg
0140 - 5 Drawer Chest - Over.jpg (14.4 KiB) Viewed 2614 times

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Scott G Vaal
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Re: Part editor cuts on dbx - cant resize

Postby Scott G Vaal » Wed, Jan 20 2010, 3:27PM


Will you please verify this for me: Is the error you're getting "There was an error while adding or removing tenons for the Top Stretcher Front........" and then a message "There was some problem while regenerating the Front Top Stretcher Press YES to lose PE cuts or NO to revert to old cab"? and then the same for the back?

When you said:
the units resized without these cuts.
are you saying the drawer boxes lost the PE cuts? If I answer yes to remove PE cuts for the top str front and Back, it will resize the cab correctly and the drawer boxes will resize and keep the PE cuts on them too. Please let me know. If you are seeing what I am seeing, then I have reproduced this from scratch and will have it resolved. If you are losing PE cuts on the drawer boxes, I will need more info from you.

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Darren Harvey
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Re: Part editor cuts on dbx - cant resize

Postby Darren Harvey » Mon, Jan 25 2010, 6:33AM

i'm also having problems with keeping PE cut on my drawer boxes. when i place a drawer box in a cabinet i get an error message saying it can not regenerate the part editor cut. i'll send my cabinet and drawer box. thanks, darren

there are going to be 5 drawers
2@ 4 3/4"
3@ 2 3/4
paint locker rev1 dmh.hsf
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HS finger hole box.hsf
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