Found Bugs in v6

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David Tuttle
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Found Bugs in v6

Postby David Tuttle » Thu, Jan 28 2010, 9:45AM

I hope it was an appropriate topic.

In the cabinet editor, when I'm trying to save an assembly (display cube, sink & faucet). I can not create a new directory.

I can create the directory, BUT the screen does not refresh and I'm unable to see the folders. Had to go to the explore to get the directory sorted out.

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Ryan Callahan
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Re: Found Bugs in v6

Postby Ryan Callahan » Mon, Feb 01 2010, 2:09PM


I have been trying to reproduce what you are seeing, but no luck so far.

Can you list the steps in more detail so that I can attempt to see what you are seeing. I have a feeling that it has to do with the names of the objects and special characters in the titles, but I wanted to be sure.

This is how I was testing this:
1.) Open the Cabinet Editor
2.) Create a display cube, any texture, of 34.5 x 36 x 24
3.) Save assembly, create a new directory
4.) NEW
5.) Load assembly.

Every time I have tried so far has resulted in working.
Ryan Callahan
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