Associate a hole pattern

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Audrey Racine
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Associate a hole pattern

Postby Audrey Racine » Fri, Jan 29 2010, 5:00PM

Well it's me again,

Normaly when you draw a hole pattern you can associate it with an hardware... But now it's seems that this option disapear?

Rick Deskins
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Re: Associate a hole pattern

Postby Rick Deskins » Fri, Jan 29 2010, 6:23PM

Hardware and Patterns are no longer associated to each other in V6. Now, you pick a hardware and a pattern separately using the item window.
Rick Deskins
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Joe Dusel
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Re: Associate a hole pattern

Postby Joe Dusel » Sat, Jan 30 2010, 10:49AM

Yeah, associating the holes to the hardware is now done in the Cabinet/Assembly Editor. I think it would still be nice if you could setup default hole associations for hinges, slides and RTA in the hardware database. Then when a hinge, slide or RTA item is selected the default Hole Pattern would also be selected, but you could override it if necessary.

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Re: Associate a hole pattern

Postby BenRatt » Thu, Feb 04 2010, 8:03AM

Rick, what's the thinking about not being able to associate a default hole pattern to the hardware? It seems like a step backwards, but maybe I'm not thinking about it right...
Ben Ratterree
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Larry Epplin
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Re: Associate a hole pattern

Postby Larry Epplin » Thu, Feb 04 2010, 8:59AM

The concept of hole pattern associations has been a confusing area for eCabinet Systems for quite some time. It sounds basic, but when you offer the flexibility of sending cabinets to any pc with eCabinets it becomes a complicated process. This has plagued the application for years. By removing this complexity and keeping the setup simple it eliminates this confusion. We do not plan to change this method. We hope that new users find the method much easier to learn. It keeps the process simple by removing the association step. Granted there will always be the step of selecting both the hardware item AND the pattern, but this can all be done from the Item Window without the need to jump through any other setup process.

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