Define Hardware Problem

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Chris B Campbell
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Define Hardware Problem

Postby Chris B Campbell » Tue, Feb 09 2010, 3:47PM

Working in the define hardware window I had created some slides. Made a few then needed to delete some... Highlighted line, clicked on "Remove Product" and it's gone. Close the define hardware window, re-open and my removed product is back? I tried to figure out were these self made products are kept but no luck.
Any help.

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Re: Define Hardware Problem

Postby BEN HOLM » Tue, Feb 09 2010, 5:14PM

Im also having some problems in this area. Not the same one of course. For me im going through and loading all my hardware with the vender, web site, price, and picture. Well only sometimes if I am, say, adding a drawer slide under the Slide tab then I switch to the Hinge tab do those then switch back to the Slide tab half the pictures dont show up on the thumbnail and when you go to edit them its as if you never selected a picture file. I have tried hitting the apply button and the ok button and even exiting out of the hardware area and coming back after selecting the file, nothing. I found were the picture files are saved and I even put the picture file of the slide in the right folder and pointed that slide to that pic and still does not stick. Just a heads up to see if anyone else is experiencing this. Its workable cuz the name is there and it loads into the buy list just fine. But maybe needs some fixing.
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David Egnoski
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Re: Define Hardware Problem

Postby David Egnoski » Tue, Feb 09 2010, 7:32PM

Yup, I'm having the same problem. I thought it was they way I was holding my mouth when I hit the apply button. As Ben said, not a big problem.
Dave Egnoski
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Ryan Callahan
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Re: Define Hardware Problem

Postby Ryan Callahan » Thu, Feb 11 2010, 10:02AM


I was going crazy trying to figure this one out, but I do believe I understand what is going on.

The new hardware management window is a little more friendly than the old one. Once you make a change, by canceling out of the window, it will undo all changes so that you have a way to recover from accidental deletes or adds. Using the buttons on the window for Apply or OK will save all changes and make them permanent. The Cancel button will close the window or warn you that you have changes that will be lost if you proceed.

What I think is going on is that you are closing the window with the 'X' at the top right corner. This is the same as cancel, but without the warning about losing changes.

For now, do not close the window in this fashion. I am going to add the warning so that this will not be a problem in the future.

If this is not what is going on, please let me know and I will attempt to understand more.

Thanks for posting.
Ryan Callahan
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