Flip button?

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Mark McCallum
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Flip button?

Postby Mark McCallum » Sat, Feb 27 2010, 1:18AM

Hi Guys
Often I have the need for left hand and right hand units or assemblies
Is there a way to highlight units or assemblies and flip or mirror it left to right or top to bottom?
Its a button that I would to used many times but so far I cant find it. :D

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Re: Flip button?

Postby BEN HOLM » Sat, Feb 27 2010, 10:31AM

Love it! That would be very useful and also majorly decrease the amount of cabinets you need to filter through in the item window.
I have also noticed that even if you have the item window folded up, switching from any editor back to that main it takes a little while and the item window pops up and folds back in before you can do anything. So it seams that it has to reload everything in the item window every time. So adding a Flip button should speed up the transitions within the program. It is actually pretty annoying because when the item window pops up for a split sec it pushes you cabinet over to re center it and then when it folds up it goes back.
but again thank you for all your help and hard work Thermwood I love the program. Just giving input to hopefully help.
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Sean Jakob
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Re: Flip button?

Postby Sean Jakob » Sat, Feb 27 2010, 2:14PM

It does not have that option.
That would be very useful though.


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