ecabs basics please!

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chris Tomasi
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ecabs basics please!

Postby chris Tomasi » Thu, Mar 11 2010, 12:31AM

O.K. after the cryptic login I am finally able to post. I am new to ecabs and have been doing the video tutorials. Though they are good in explaining from a to z what the functions are...I do not follow what one has to do to make a rendering. Ie., does one draw a wall then to the cab modifier then back to elevation and drag the cab over to it, then make another cab and drag over to elevation. What I am trying to understand is the principal of the program. I am familiar only with cabinet planner. It is rather intuitive but lacks detail. Mainly I am interested in presentations (for now). Someone give me the lowdown please.

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Gary Puckett
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Re: ecabs basics please!

Postby Gary Puckett » Thu, Mar 11 2010, 7:17AM


Do this go to the custom layout screen, now draw a single wall any length.The wall you just created will be green click the Esc key on your key board to clear the green

Now go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and select a standard base cabinet

Now with the placement mode set for Aline to back put that cabinet any where on the wall. Again after you place the cabinet hit the Esc key on the key board

Now click the render icon, on the left hand side of the screen you will see some controls. Rotate the screen to the way you want it, now use the slide control to angle the the view to the way you want it.

Now click the Enhanced View button, and then the Presentation View button.

Hope this helps
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Kerry Fullington
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Re: eCabs basics please!

Postby Kerry Fullington » Thu, Mar 11 2010, 8:52AM

Glad you were able to register.
If you are only wanting eCabinets for presentation drawings, I would download one or more of the free libraries of cabinets that closely matches your style of building IE framed or frameless. This will jump start you as you won't have to create every cabinet you use from scratch.
Once you have some cabinets to work with you must create a room in Custom Layout, add doors and windows in the correct areas and then you can then select cabinets and add them either in the overhead view or in an elevation view of each wall.
Once you have the cabinets in the room you can easily change doors, pulls, etc. Finally you can add countertops sinks and display objects to dress up the drawing.

The drawing below was created starting with cabinets from one of the free libraries.

design.jpg (255.64 KiB) Viewed 3976 times

The great thing about eCabinets is that you can draw just about anything you can dream up.


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Re: ecabs basics please!

Postby BEN HOLM » Thu, Mar 11 2010, 9:56AM

What the others said should get you started but keep up with the Videos. I was using eCabs for about a year before I bought the videos. They may be a little dry but you will learn everything. I have gone through every one. They are great!
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chris Tomasi
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Re: ecabs basics please!

Postby chris Tomasi » Sat, Mar 13 2010, 3:32PM

Gutteral (if there is such a word) SIGH OF RELIEF! Thanks for the responses. A squared + B squared to the 12th minus 16 revolutions per sec. at zero gravity wasn't getting me any closer to using the program. I'll try using the basics you've stated. Thank you for shortening the learning curve...and yes I will stick with the vids.

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