V6 won't install & V5 got deleted - HELP

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Joe Harkin
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V6 won't install & V5 got deleted - HELP

Postby Joe Harkin » Wed, Mar 24 2010, 11:22AM

Was running V5.2B6 on my "old" system - XP-Pro, all up-to-date - and tried to install V6 and migrate the old files. In the process V5 got completely removed from my system, and V6B3-1a will not install; keeps asking for the V3.2 CD. :evil: :(
What can I do? :?: :?:
I have V6 running on my "new" W7 machine but still trying to figure out where everything (anything) is, and get used to the changes, but don't have any of my old work there yet. How to do that is another problem. :?
Any guidance greatly appreciated. I only have a few hours here and there to work on this and hate "wasting" it on maintenance when I could be designing, and learning the new system. :cry:
Joe Harkin
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Paul Ford
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Re: V6 won't install & V5 got deleted - HELP

Postby Paul Ford » Thu, Mar 25 2010, 1:40AM

Hi Joe,
If your using Windows 7 or Vista you need to make sure you select "Run As Administrator" before you run the install.

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