Hey, howcum.......

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Tim Massa
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Hey, howcum.......

Postby Tim Massa » Thu, Mar 25 2010, 8:06AM


This may not be a good time to bring this subject up while everybody is wrapping their head around V6 but maybe, as long as Thermwood is in there wrenching on it, would it be a good idea to have the tenon thickness a direct value input? Maybe I'm missing something but would it be more helpful to make that construction setting say 3/8" or .375" than it is to figure out what % of my undersized ply or oversized Melamime PB sheets are that will equal .375 or 3/8? I'm used to thinking in terms of what bits I have and what they are mic'ed out to. This might help to create more efficient toolpathing. Has anyone experienced going under a bit size for a mortise pocket cut so the machine has to use the next smallest bit in order to create that pocket cut? Anyone gone under .25"?

What happens to those oddball %'s of material thickness % when you change the .twd material thickness? I have spoken with users who don't see any reason why it shouldn't be a direct value input but perhaps there are shops that would like it the way it is? I personally have never been asked to take a bunch of rough sawn boards and plane them down to 47%. Nor have I ever worked in a shop that has the drawings calling out joint details in %'s. Just wondering...


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Ryan Callahan
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Re: Ability to hard set tennons

Postby Ryan Callahan » Thu, Mar 25 2010, 12:13PM


This might make a nice future option for the program. Perhaps more discussion on this might be warranted. For now, I will add this to the wish list for new features.

Anyone else care to comment?
Ryan Callahan
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Josh Rayburn
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Re: Hey, howcum.......

Postby Josh Rayburn » Thu, Mar 25 2010, 12:36PM

As long as I can still do a "100% thickness blind dado" then I'm ALL FOR IT man.
I would love that option. Well written, Tim.
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Re: Hey, howcum.......

Postby Gary Campbell » Thu, Mar 25 2010, 9:32PM

I would vote for both... fixed width and depth, and of course the 100% width.(perhaps as a checkbox?)

The only other thing I have run into has been the need to put a 1/4" deep blind dado into the faceframe (spec), but not wanting to cut that deep into a 12mm left or right end. Top & deck dado parameters are global for the part.

To meet tooling criteria, the set width and depth are far more important. I will be happy to see this on a list for the future.
Gary Campbell
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