Corrupt Door File???

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Samuel Mayer
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Corrupt Door File???

Postby Samuel Mayer » Wed, Apr 07 2010, 10:45AM

Well, I think my V5 user created shaker door and drawer fronts have been corrupted. Any cabinet I pull out of my library that has one of these doors or drawer fronts takes forever to load, sometimes my drawer ends up 10' away from the cabinet in the room, or the doors or drawers plain and simply just don't show up! If I pull a SEED cabinet out and add a newly created door or drawer front I don't have any of these problems? I really don't want to have to go through and create my library from scratch! What can I do here?????????
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Rick Deskins
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Re: Corrupt Door File???

Postby Rick Deskins » Wed, Apr 07 2010, 9:58PM

Any cabinet make before v6 will have to regen when it loads. It you dont want to go through this every time, then you need to load it in the CE and resave it. When I loaded the cabinet in V6B3, it loaded just fine in the CE and Room. When you are in the room, have you turned off door/drawers in Show/Hide Settings?
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Lamar Horton
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Re: Corrupt Door File???

Postby Lamar Horton » Fri, Apr 09 2010, 8:34AM

That's what I have been doing, opening the cab in CE and resaving. It is giving me a chance to clean up some old cabinets that I don't use.

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