40 seconds to make a 2 click-2 second change

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40 seconds to make a 2 click-2 second change

Postby Donald Thomson » Wed, Apr 14 2010, 11:50AM

When in cabinet batch mode, I click on a cabinet to edit it and it takes over 20 seconds from the time I click until I can start editing in the CE. Once changes are made it can take up to another 20 seconds to return to the batch list. So for a simple removing of default hardware (about 2 seconds of clicking it takes 3/4 of a minute to accomplish. With 30 cabinets this can add up to a lot of time waiting to do a 2 click, 2 second change.

I've noticed that to do the same operation out of the room layout editor on the same exact cabinet, it takes about 35 seconds to accomplish this operation.

I hope this is an area that will be getting some performance tuning for the next release.

Don Thomson
Diamond Lake Custom Woodworks, LLC
Newport, WA

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