Fatal Error (3/4) from HOOPS routine

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Fatal Error (3/4) from HOOPS routine

Postby Donald Thomson » Fri, May 07 2010, 2:30PM

I've been getting this error at random times while running V4. I was going to add a Conestoga CRP-20 door to a cabinet and this happened. This error also jumped out when I was changing the placement of a stretcher in a cabinet. The full dialog says:

Fatal Error (3/4) from HOOPS routine 'Update_Display'

No more memory available

And YES, my video drivers are up to date. :D

This seems strange when I have 8GB in the system running Windows 7 64-bit. Resource Monitor says I have 3.5GB in use and 4.5GB available.

I wish I could say I could duplicate exactly what I was doing but it is happening at random times in different parts of the software. All I know is that the final result is a HARD shutdown of eCabinets.

I've also go the "Parasolid Boolean Subtraction Failure" issue (posted a couple of weeks ago) happening again when trying to add a Conestoga CRP-20 or CRP-30 door to a cabinet. No resolution was ever found for this from tech support.

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