Inset FF Dwr Bx Clearance Bug?

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Inset FF Dwr Bx Clearance Bug?

Postby James Melvin » Thu, Jul 08 2010, 5:21PM

I have been working on a face frame library with inset doors/drawers. In the Door/Drawer Editor I have found what seems a bug to me. I am trying to configure drawer box settings to use an Undermount Salice Futura slide. The left and rignt clearance settings of 5/16 are fine. However, when I try to set the Minimum Top Inset to 1/4 and the Bottom Inset to 3/4 that is NOT what I end up with. (BTW, I have the Min. Height set to "0".) When I take the cab to the LDE what I measure is Top Inset at 11/32 and Bottom Inset at 27/32. What he LDE seems to be showing me is NOT the clearance between the dwr box and the dwr box opening. It is giving me the distance (top and bottom) from the drawer box to the Drawer Front. Drawer Front clearance happens to be set at 3/32 clearance all around for my FF openings. If you subtract 3/32 from 27/32 you get 3/4 ( the intended bottom clearance for the drawer box). And if you subtract 3/32 from 11/32 you get 1/4" (the intended setting for top clearance).

Has anyone else had this issue? If I am to use Salice futura drawer slides, and give the client max. drawer ht. these measurements are pretty critical. As the software functions now, I would have to adjust both the top and bottom min. clearances by 3/32 of an inch (my drawer front clearance) in order to achieve accurate drawer box clearance in a FF inset cabinet.

I sincerely hope we eCab users are weathering the recession. I know this program has been a big help to me in creating custom cabinets at a savings to my clients. I find that I can still eat while competing with cabinets out of a cardboard box.

Warm regards to you all,

Jim Melvin
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aka Innovative Building Inc.

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