Stolen Laptop

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Jon Dieterlen
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Stolen Laptop

Postby Jon Dieterlen » Wed, Jul 14 2010, 7:24AM

My Laptop was stolen last night. I need to know how to get the software back on a new computer and running.

Thanks, Jon

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Dean Fehribach
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Re: Stolen Laptop

Postby Dean Fehribach » Wed, Jul 14 2010, 8:13AM

Get a new code via the registration code generator found in a sticky on this forum then download the software via another sticky and you're good to go.
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Terry Davis
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Re: Stolen Laptop

Postby Terry Davis » Fri, Jul 16 2010, 4:33PM

Sorry to hear that Jon, look into Lojack for laptops for your next Machine. If someone steals it Lojack will recover it, some newer Laptops such as Toshibas , HP, Dell, Gateway and Lenovos have Lojack recovery chips built right in. I do DJ'ing on the side and have it on both my laptops it costs about $35 a year.

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