Router Bit Life

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Jody Wilmes
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Router Bit Life

Postby Jody Wilmes » Wed, Jul 14 2010, 8:26AM

Hello All.

I am working on a project which requires some information on cutter life. Running sheet production on a daily basis is not something we typically do, so I'd like some input if you have the time. Eeryone's setup and tooling is different, but this will help me get started anyways....just looking for averages. Your input is greatly appreciated.

How many sheets would you typically get out of the standard nesting tools?
1/2" (pockets / full dados)
3/8" (outline / blind dados)
1/4" (dados / tennon dados)
5mm (drill holes)
1/8" (drill holes)

Thanks guys.

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Re: Router Bit Life

Postby JohnLashuay » Wed, Jul 14 2010, 10:41AM

Jody Wilmes wrote: How many sheets would you typically get out of the standard nesting tools?

It is hard to say how many sheets, but here is some info on the life of the bits we are using:
We predominately cut .764" 2 sided melamine (80%) VC plywoods (10%) MDF (10%) give or take
1/2" (pockets / full dados) 3.5 hrs/ feed=600/ plunge=150/ RPM 18,000
3/8" (outline / blind dados) 3.5 hrs/ feed=900/ plunge=200/ RPM 18,000
1/4" (dados / tennon dados) 1.5 hrs/ feed=400/ plunge=150/ RPM 18,000
5mm (drill holes) 14-15 hrs/ plunge=100/ RPM 18,000
1/8" (drill holes) no info

Hope this helps!
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Terry Davis
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Re: Router Bit Life

Postby Terry Davis » Wed, Jul 14 2010, 2:14PM

2 sided melamine .76 90% of the time plywoods 10% of the time using Vortex compression bits

1/2" (pockets / full dados) 6-7 hrs/ feed=780/ plunge=150/ RPM 15,000
3/8" (outline / blind dados) 8-10 hrs/ feed=660/ plunge=150/ RPM 15,000
5mm (drill holes) 15-20 hrs/ plunge=200/ RPM 18,000

Rob Davis
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Re: Router Bit Life

Postby Rob Davis » Thu, Jul 15 2010, 7:45AM

Jody, our tool life would be like John's except I am uncertain we have ever really worn out a 5mm drill as they last a long time. The other comment is that we do a lot of MDF parts for other manufacturers and our tool life on MDF is probably only 30% of these numbers. Really abrasive stuff! We also are primarily using all Vortex tooling but we do resharpen our bits and use them 3 times before buying new ones. Not sure why, but some report reduced tool life on resharpened bits.

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