Video Card thoughts??

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Video Card thoughts??

Postby markvan » Thu, Jul 15 2010, 12:05PM

I seem to get a lot of errors when trying to add countertops. Sometimes I cant add then to certain cabinets unless I break them into 2 or 3 sections, seems to be an error with the video card memory....

So, I was thinking of maybe getting another video card, one with more memory. I am currently running a Quadro FX3500. This card only has 256MB of memory. Wondering how one of the 'gaming' cards with more memory would perform compared to my Quadro. Seems like you can get a powerful gaming card for a reasonable price, (and with much more memory...) just wondering how well they handle openGL, or if I would still be better off with what I have...

Bryan J Tanner
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Re: Video Card thoughts??

Postby Bryan J Tanner » Thu, Jul 15 2010, 2:41PM

I think that its a bug in the software. I get the same error and I'm not short of video memory. :wall:
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Kerry Fullington
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Re: Video Card thoughts??

Postby Kerry Fullington » Fri, Jul 16 2010, 7:00AM


Don't even think about the gaming cards. (you need a card geared toward cad applications and they are always more expensive)

Make sure you have the latest drivers. nVidia released some June 17 for your card.

I am hoping to see some improvements in version 6 build 5 when it is released.


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