countertops in part editor

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Brent Pister
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countertops in part editor

Postby Brent Pister » Wed, Sep 01 2010, 11:05PM

Has anyone else experienced this? Part editor will not make cuts when editting countertops. It will show material geometry but will not remove any material such as sink cutouts or chamfers. Everything works fine with other materials such as display panels or cubes. This only happens with countertops.

Tom Nienow
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Re: countertops in part editor

Postby Tom Nienow » Wed, Sep 01 2010, 11:11PM

I have found that you have to create a display panel that fits your cabinet assembly to create sink cut-outs & such, not a very flexible way to do things, you have to create a panel for the job instead of using the c-top editor. If anyone else knows a faster, easier way to do it let us know

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