Download 110MB for a time update?

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jason galbraith
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Download 110MB for a time update?

Postby jason galbraith » Mon, Nov 29 2010, 3:50PM

Really? a new install for a time update? Is this right or am I downloading the wrong thing?
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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Download 110MB for a time update?

Postby Brad McIntosh » Tue, Nov 30 2010, 9:28AM


I am sure that it is because the "update" is also a "complete install" for those that are setting up a new workstation. It was perhaps thought best not to confuse things with a small "patch", especially in todays "high speed" internet world where a 110 MB download is almost a "blink of an eye" to most. One file... double duty... no confusion.
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Glenn Warner
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Re: Download 110MB for a time update?

Postby Glenn Warner » Thu, Dec 02 2010, 3:28PM

Silly me. I was hoping for a surprise Xmas present in that 110 mb download. Even without new features, still thankful for the privilege of continued use.

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