Face Frame print outs?

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Jeff Miller
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Face Frame print outs?

Postby Jeff Miller » Thu, Apr 07 2011, 3:37PM

I don't think this is possible but is there a way to print out a dimensioned drawing of all the face frames?

David Werkheiser
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Re: Face Frame print outs?

Postby David Werkheiser » Fri, Apr 08 2011, 10:46AM

I am sure there is a faster way, I take each cabinet into Door/Drawer editor and delete doors and drawers, go back to main area and to Line Drawing and and select "take cabinet". Place your cursor over a intersection till a blue crosshair appears and click left mouse button, move cursor to opposite end of part and a second blue crosshair appears and clic left button, your measurement will show. You do not have to delete door/drawers but, unless you zoom in it is easy to place the the crosshair over the outside corner of a door instead of the inside of a rail and stile and get wrong measurement.
I hope someone has a faster way and will post it.

Alan Odell
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Re: Face Frame print outs?

Postby Alan Odell » Mon, Apr 11 2011, 9:15AM

The dimensioning is still the same but you dont have to delete the doors and drawes. You can hide those parts in the Line Drawing Editor. Select the PRT button. Hover over the door or drawer front it turns red. Left click it turns green. Continue to select the parts that you dont want to see. Once done right click and the pop up menu shows. Select Hide. Parts go away. You still might have to zoom in to get the right intersection but you wont have to go to the door drawer editor with each cabinet. The parts can come back by selecting show hidden items. Still time consuming but may keep you from having to take the cabinet another editor.

Michael S Murray
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Re: Face Frame print outs?

Postby Michael S Murray » Wed, Apr 13 2011, 5:29PM

yet another reason to abandon face frames..... :D
Seriously, I just take the cabinet into face frame editor, print the picture and then hand sketch the needed dim for assembly.
I build frameless mostly, but still have a mix of face frame on most jobs
Mike Murray
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