Adding a sheet in ShopBot Link

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Donald Thomson
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Adding a sheet in ShopBot Link

Postby Donald Thomson » Wed, Jun 01 2011, 8:35PM

I added a off fall sheet in to the ShopBot Link and I'm not sure the results are what they are supposed to be. I've got all my settings in the Link set to use X=0, Y=0 as the origin. As you can see in the attached photo, the sheet I added for this job didn't cut at 0,0. For some reason it cut on the other side of the sheet. This cutting operation involved a do flip operation first.

0,0 is the lower right corner of the picture.

Any ideas?
Add sheet layout problem.jpg

Don Thomson
Diamond Lake Custom Woodworks, LLC
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Gary Campbell
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Re: Adding a sheet in ShopBot Link

Postby Gary Campbell » Thu, Jun 02 2011, 8:54PM

Added sheets first point is in the upper right corner (max X,max Y) and proceeds CCW when entering individual points. Rectangles are added similarly. I have not noticed any differences in how this works, actually right from the beginning. Did the nest show the parts cut in that location? Did the flip side machine correctly?
Gary Campbell
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Kerry Fullington
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Re: Adding a sheet in ShopBot Link

Postby Kerry Fullington » Fri, Jun 03 2011, 7:40AM


What location do you have set in the link nesting parameters for off-fall and added sheets?


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