Getting back into eCab's, have some ?'s

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Getting back into eCab's, have some ?'s

Postby KyleHepp » Fri, Aug 26 2011, 5:43PM

Hello, it's been a while since I have been on this forum. as a matter of fact, I believe Summer of 2007 was about the last time I logged in IIRC...
The reason was in fact nothing to do with eCabs system and certainly not the community, rather, a lack of computing power to operate and use eCabs. I simply lost interest after so many crashes and losses of my work.
It's been a long time since then and I now have a totally capable computer system I intend to dedicate to nothing but eCabs, masterCam and a couple other design/CAD/CAM SW's
WHAT do I need to do to get eCabs installed on my new system? I doubt I can even find the original CD that was sent to me back in 2007, and I am sure there have been so numerous different builds since then, that I assume it would be better to just start from scratch. any advice?

One other question, I have a Legacy Manual 5 axis mill that I am in the process of converting into a 5 axis CNC machine. Is there any way to use ecabs to cut basic cabinet parts on this machine?
Primarily, I would like to use ecabinets to expand my capabilities, outsourcing most of my cabinet parts through an ecabinet affiliate CNC shop.
however some of the more intricate (especially the carving / and complicated parts from the design gallery projects) pieces, I'd prefer to mill myself, if this is possible.
In otherwords, do I HAVE to use a THermwood machine to cut eCabinet parts, or can I use "any" CNC router?

I truly look forward into getting back into eCabs right where I left off, to learn the stuff I couldn't even get into (that old dinosaur couldn't run but about HALF the ecabinet capabilities, and this was back in 2007! I can only imagine what the latest builds would do to it, probably wouldn't even open up!
I'm even more excited to learn of all the updates and improvements to the system and to find an affiliate shop or shops that I can work WITH.
BTW, I am located in SW Florida. My forte is stairs, curved work and unusual complicated jobs that make very little profit... Hopefully I can change some of that once I get proficient with ecabs and meet some of you production sharing members ;)


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Re: Getting back into eCab's, have some ?'s

Postby Jean G Voyer » Mon, Aug 29 2011, 10:12AM

You can download Ecab from the website. And Ecab will run only on a Thermwood and a Shop Bot.
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Re: Getting back into eCab's, have some ?'s

Postby Scott G Vaal » Mon, Aug 29 2011, 11:17AM


I sent you a new registration code just now. You can download the latest install from our website (We do not do send out install CDs anymore). The download is a complete install or an update in one and will always be the most current version. The reg code email has a link to get to the download page as well, in case you cannot locate it yourself. Please make sure that { } is an allowed email address. Seems that a lot of gmail accounts will get our emails sent to the spam folder for some reason, so please check there if you do not see it in your normal inbox (you should have already received it).

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