Locking Fixed Shelves for Door Openings

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Locking Fixed Shelves for Door Openings

Postby JohnLashuay » Fri, Apr 06 2012, 10:51AM

Here is an idea that I would like to get some feedback on...

We will often build wall units that have shared panels, so a cabinet will have multiple partions. In these cabinets we will add some fixed shelves, behind doors, for various reasons. Because of this, things can get a bit complicated and the order to which things are done tend to be very important. If I make a mistake in the process, sometimes I will have to redo much of the cabinet. :wall: :wall:

Would it benefit many Ecab users to be able to have the option to make a fixed shelf allow a door to attach/ not attach to it? This would make it possible to add doors at any time in the process as the user determines the opening for the doors. 2 possible ways:
1. Construction Settings add a check box for a fixed shelf door option
2. In the Door/ Drawer Editor be able to select the fixed shelves to attach the door too.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

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Alex Bowler
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Re: Locking Fixed Shelves for Door Openings

Postby Alex Bowler » Thu, Jul 12 2012, 5:22PM


Yes it would! I hate have to delete fixed shelf to re apply a door. Is there any quicker way around this?

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