Drawer box DIMENSIONS (suggestion)

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Audrey Racine
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Drawer box DIMENSIONS (suggestion)

Postby Audrey Racine » Thu, May 24 2012, 10:42AM


Here is a suggestion. When you build a drawer box in the Drawer box designer, it would be great to have the possibility to "Lock" the HEIGHT and the DEPTH. The reason why, is that when you use a Metabox drawer box, it's need to have specific dimensions. For example, 6" height and 22" depth, you make it in the drawer box designer. But when you had the drawer box while adding the drawer front you need to set the inset for the height and the depth for the drawer and you have to "calculate" to make sure you drawer box will be 6" x 22" and that can be long! So if it was possible the "Lock" the dimensions this might solve the problem.

If there a way to do it that I didn't know, feel free to tell me! :)

Thanks a lot!

jason galbraith
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Re: Drawer box DIMENSIONS (suggestion)

Postby jason galbraith » Thu, May 24 2012, 4:29PM

When I have this situation I leave the minimum top inset and minimum back inset as 0 and only set a bottom inset- how high up the draw will be from the bottom of the draw front or inside carcase- and the left and right insets. Then set your minimum height inc. and minimum deprth inc. to the finished height you want the draw boxes.
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