esa files

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esa files

Postby peter w palmer » Wed, Jun 06 2012, 4:57AM

I had another post here, but it has vanished.
I was trying to find out the difference between esa & esj files.
I have an esa file I downloaded from Ecabs that Ecabinets software will not open and the Thermwood machine shows gibberish in the G-code area.

here is a rough example as I can remember it:

the joys of having to use 2 or more computers to get work done.


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Re: esa files

Postby Rick Deskins » Wed, Jun 06 2012, 8:22AM

ESJ is a job file, ie a saved batch or room, or both and may contain drawings. ESA is an assembly file made up of cabinet(s) and/or object(s). Both files can only be opened by eCabinets. ESA files can only be loaded in the Cabinet Editor, Batch , or the Room using the Assemblies tab. You can open the ESJ by using File-Open or the Open Button in the toolbar. To send it to the machine you have to write CNC to produce a TWD file that can be loaded in Control Nesting.
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