Long time to spool

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Long time to spool

Postby Leo Graywacz » Tue, Sep 11 2012, 1:31PM

I did a print out of the nest at my house. Off the laptop to the desktop by means of wireless router and then to a wireless printer. The job spooled and printed fast.

At the office my situation is a bit different, I have a few programs that I use on my laptop that I print to my shop printer.

The computer is :oops: Win 98 and runs on a pentium 4 500MHz. When I print from my laptop there is always a slight delay, but printing this nest is a little bit on the long side.

I started at 1:54 and it is still spooling. I am using a wireless router that has a great signal and is transmitting at 54 MBs

What can possibly be the holdup. I can see the progress go up by about 55KB every few minutes, that's right, minutes.

Well as I was typing this it finally finished up spooling, 1 MB of data transferred in 35 minutes. What the heck.
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