How do YOU sync everything between computers?

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How do YOU sync everything between computers?

Postby Daren LaBranche » Mon, Oct 08 2012, 7:32PM

If any of you use more than one PC to work on, I would be interested to hear how you are syncing ALL of your data between them.

I originally tried to sync EC between two of my PCs using Dropbox (I have successfully done this with several other apps), but found it was impossible due to the way that data is being sorted (or rather, is not sorted in EC). I spent several days unsuccessfully trying to get this to work. If interested, you can read more about it here:

I'm now trying to use the suggested method of backing up one PC then restoring it onto the other PC, but I have already encountered a few issues with this method.

1) EC automagically creates a folder named 'Backup' inside the directory I set to store my backups. Subsequent BUs then continue to nest another 'Backup' folder beneath the first one, and so on. It appears that EC modifies my path (adds a sub-folder named 'Backup') sometime after one of the backup or restore operations on one of my PCs (one uses WIN7, the other XP).

I just tested this a little further:
- When the path is set to the desired location (ie: K:\EC-BU), then EC automatically creates a 'Backup' sub-folder there.
- - The path remains the same after BUs on both of my PCs.
- - EC changes the path to the 'Backup' folder (ie: K:\EC-BU\Backup) after a restore on both of my PCs. This is why any future BUs will be placed in sub-sub-folders & is obviously a problem that requires constant checking.

2) Cabinets in my library that were moved OUT of one folder & INTO another before the BU now appear in both the source & destination folders on the restored PC.

3) Cabinets that were deleted from my library before the BU still appear on the restored PC.

I haven't tested all the other data that a user can change when working in EC, but it makes me wonder what else isn't actually being transferred correctly?

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