Object Snap

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Greg Haw
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Object Snap

Postby Greg Haw » Mon, Feb 25 2013, 7:37PM

Object snap does not seem to work. Is the cross hairs not suposed to snap to the end of a line or corner of part in part editor if object snap is on? Trying to make a closed conture seems almost impossible for me. I do use the extend and trim controls. But the cross hairs don't seem to snap to anything. Am I wrong to think I should see this? They do snap to grid if grid snap is on. Greg

Daniel Odom
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Re: Object Snap

Postby Daniel Odom » Tue, Feb 26 2013, 9:03AM

Try increasing the pick box size so that the point you're trying to snap to is well within the boundary of the box. You don't have to be exact, just as long as the point is withing the box. You need to create edges if there aren't any to snap to.

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